Top 9 Most Hilarious Red Carpet Wardrobe Malfunctions

Some celebs can go their whole lives without having a single red carpet wardrobe malfunction, while others seem to be cursed by faulty zippers and ripped dresses at every event. But the eyes of a good paparazzi see it all. Whatever unmentionable part of a star’s body had popped out, the best way to handle that potential oopsie would be to embrace it and laugh it off.

Here are some of the most controversial red carpet mishaps ever caught on camera.

1 Bella Hadid

Bella isn’t afraid to try on something risque. Although she looked like a true beauty queen in that red silk dress, the slit on her thigh caused more trouble than Bella would have expected. In fact, Bella almost exposed a lot more than she bargained for, and no model needs a fashion disaster when all the cameras are on them.

2 Ben Affleck

While attending the Suicide Squad premiere, Affleck had a small wardrobe malfunction with his pants. Luckily, the paparazzi were fast enough to snap a photo of Batman with his pants unbuttoned. Ben should have checked himself before leaving the hotel room. Still, he managed to keep a straight face as he buttoned up the pants.

3 Nicki Minaj

The only thing worse than wearing revealing clothes to a red-carpet event is wearing a full-body suit that exposes everything, like Nicki Minaj did at the 2017 VMAS Awards. The R&B singer wore a very form-fitting jumpsuit made of pink faux leather. Everything was great until people started noticing that Minaj’s private parts were showing through, which made the star quite uncomfortable.

4 Pink and Shakira

The ultimate nightmare on a red carpet is realizing that someone is wearing the exact same dress as you. At the 2009 MTV Awards, Pink and Shakira showed up rocking the same short gray Balmain dress. It’s a miracle they decided to laugh it off instead of going ham on each other. Both celebs took a photo together, and Pink was the one who had to give in since she had another outfit ready for her live show.

5 Beyonce

Queen B proved that despite what many seem to think, she is just a regular, more gorgeous-looking human, like the rest of us. And as such, she had a little mishap when she stepped to a curb in a silky emerald gown. As always, the paparazzi were waiting in the corner and managed to capture the wardrobe malfunction. Thankfully, Beyonce handled the situation like a professional and gave the cameras a little smile as she adjusted her dress.

6 Kim Kardashian

Even though it’s been a while since Kim’s notorious vacation with Paris Hilton, the star is no stranger to scandals. When she attended the Screen Actors Guild’s 17th Annual SAG Show in 2011, Kim wore a dress that hung dangerously off one shoulder, threatening to expose more than she bargained for.

7 Vanessa Hudgens

While having fun getting attention from the paparazzi, the High School Musical star didn’t realize her zipper got unzipped, revealing more than she would have liked. That poor soul felt so ashamed she turned red, but the actress covered herself up in time and prevented things from getting worse.

8 Adam Levine

Adam is probably used to the high-pitched screams of his teenage fans, but things got wild when he forgot to zip up his pants. Yelps of excitement quickly turned to boos of disappointment as the Maroon 5 singer pulled up his pants and continued the show, fully clothed. What a party pooper!

9 Jade Thirlwall

While attending the Brit Awards in 2017, Thirlwall used both hands to cover her chest and lower abdomen. Thankfully, she did so just in time before her dress slid off her body completely. Never trust a satin gown, people!

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