Britney Spears used to be a classic fashion icon of the world

Recently, the hashtag #freebritney in support of singer Britney Spears after her shocking statements, has become an explosive wave in Hollywood, with the participation of many celebrities: Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Halsey … After what Britney has suffered for the past 13 years, this is the rare time that the female singer speaks out about guardianship.

In particular, in a presentation lasting nearly 30 minutes with judge Brenda Penny, she stunned the public when she said that she had suffered a lot of trauma because of being supervised by her biological father – Jamie Spears and the management team: Being forced to take birth control, not having the right to decide on financial and emotional issues, working 24/7.

Previously, Britney Spears was once considered an immortal cultural icon ᴀssociated with the image of a rebellious, personality “Pop Princess” with many classic costumes. There was even a time, where Britney appeared, what she wore immediately, that outfit became a trend that young people loved and imitated. Until now, it is undeniable that many of Britney’s outfits are still an endless source of inspiration for the new generation of stars and IT girls.

In 1999, her debut album Baby One More Time was released and became a global craze with her Sєxy, rebellious schoolgirl image. Britney Spears impresses at first sight with an outfit consisting of an unʙuттoned shirt, a bow tie, revealing lingerie, a cardigan and a short pleated skirt that flatters her slim waist. From here, the American schoolgirl style in the 2000s also became a fashion trend that strongly inspired global youth.

In the same year, Britney released the song Sometime which also became an immortal hit in her music career. In the context of the MV taking place at the beach, she continued to score points with a white cardboard set including a crop top combined with hip-hop sports pants and sneakers. To this day, the year’s outfit has never gone out of fashion, but still many stars learn to mix and match.

Not only actively promoting Y2K style that is both modern and Sєxy in music MVs, the Pop princess also often dresses in bold, once-in-a-lifetime, fashion shoots in magazines. solstice.

With a shirt as small as a bra, Britney promoted the “whale tail” trend when combined with slacks with lingerie straps. Hard to believe, today, the trend of “opening underwear” is still especially loved by IT girls and often wears it from the red carpet to the street, despite being “embargoed”.

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