Schiffer flows from this Claudia: 51-year-old German model showed off in a tiny black biкini

German supermodel, cult fashion figure of the 90s Claudia Schiffer continues to win the hearts of fans with her angelic beauty, because with age she only becomes more seductive.

On her Instagram page, “German Barbie” showed a photo in an outfit that she called LBB for short – little black biкini (little black biкini – editor’s note).

In the summer, you will not surprise anyone with shooting in a swimsսit, but Schiffer, as a professional model, succeeded once or twice. The fashion model complemented a simple black biкini with a pair of daring accessories that turned an ordinary bathing suit and its wearer into an incendiary mixture.

So Claudia posed on a narrow pier with her legs wide apart and her hands raised to the sky, as if in a welcoming gesture. A massive belt flaunts at her waist, and her legs are dressed in spicy stockings and white high-heeled sandals.

Earlier, Ukrainian singer and actress Nadezhda Meikher showed off her amazing body in a seductive mesh dress of her own design.

Also, without embarrassment, the body in a biкini shows the 93-year-old widow of Sean Connery, the French artist Micheline Roquebrune – she was relaxing on a yacht in the Bahamas.

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