Salma Hayek Gives Advice For Women On How To Embrace Aging And Their Sensuality

When talking about sensuality, it is hard not to think about Salma Hayek who is one of the Hollywood actresses that showcases this in a very effortless way.

While the Mexican actress is known for her many acclaimed films such as ‘Frida,’ ‘Eternals,’ and ‘House of Gucci’ just to name a few, she is low-key also known for giving the best advice ever ad this time is no different.

Salma, who is in her 50s and looking better and happier than ever, revealed in a recent interview with Glamour, three pieces of wisdom to share with everyone who needs to hear this, more specifically, women who are probably struggling with getting older and not knowing that they can also embrace their sensuality.

When asked by the interviewer if she had any advice about getting older and those “embracing their sensuality as they get older” Hayek cheekily said that she has “lots of advice about this” and, opposite to what you may think, her secret tips are the most simple things to do.

Salma Hayek Advises To Dance, Laugh, And Have Time For Yourself
First, the actress noted that you need to dance to yourself, but for you to look good, and to free yourself.

“Dance—make sure you’re sensual for yourself,” the Frida star said. “Dance by yourself when nobody’s watching. And don’t look at yourself in the mirror when you’re dancing. Blindfold yourself and feel you. Feel your body and feel how it interacts with space.”

Secondly, you may feel attacked by this because honestly, it is a very relatable mistake. The actress claims that you should not think about your problems when you are taking time for yourself, an easy example is when taking a shower.

“Don’t go over your problems when you’re taking a shower when you’re taking a bath. Feel the water. If you get a chance to go to the ocean, go to the ocean. Walk on the sand; feel the grass under your toes. Feel the sun; feel the wind. Don’t get too busy in your head that you don’t see it.”

And last but not least, Salma admitted that you need to take time for yourself and have a laugh alone, plus find a peaceful place for this.

“Have fun, laugh, make yourself laugh. Tell yourself a joke. Be silly when nobody’s watching. It’s about the time you spend with yourself. It’s hard for me to find that space, so I now make a really big effort to enjoy it very much. Because in modern life, it’s hard. Especially if you’re married and with children. Go hide somewhere and feel it.”

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