Meet Model and Influencer Gabby Epstein

Gabby Epstein has made the transition from the starting blocks to social media stardom look easy.

Hailing from Australia’s famously beachy Gold Coast, the blonde belle was essentially born into competitive swimming, a pursuit that saw her win state and national titles before a shoulder injury forced an untimely retirement from competition at age 17.

She then began modeling while studying biomedical science in college, but her first taste of internet celebrity came when her Instagram blew up in 2016—Maxim was among the many outlets that took note.

(Gabby Epstein)

Today, Epstein resides in Los Angeles full-time, where it’s easier to fulfill her role as Pretty Little Thing’s first Australian brand ambassador. She also boasts an impressive 2.7-million Instagram following, but the influencer isn’t without her qualms regarding the photo-sharing social media site.

(Gabby Epstein)

“Instagram has changed a lot over the past few years, especially what they deem ‘offensive content’ in relation to female bodies,” Epstein says.

“There are plenty of photos of men without their shirts on showing their ɴιррles but the fact that mine can be covered and a photo still gets removed creates a very toxic double standard. We are all human, we are all born with bodies and we should not be taught to be ashamed of how they look in a natural state.”

(Gabby Epstein)

Like so many models, Epstein has turned to OnlyFans as a way to disseminate any content she wants.

“I’m so grateful that I (and other creators) have a place that is truly uncensored and that we can post whatever content we like without the risk of getting our accounts disabled or removed,” she says, adding, “It’s definitely content that would NOT be allowed on Instagram and it’s definitely a place where I talk more with anyone who wants to chat with me.”

(Gabby Epstein)

“I also feel like I can be more of myself on Only Fans. To me showing my body isn’t about me being objectified, it’s about me feeling confident, powerful and beautiful in my own skin. “

Check out Epstein’s OnlyFans here, or enjoy highlights from her IG feed below:

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