I finally express my freedom! Brit posed tорless in the shower

I finally express my freedom! Brit posed tорless in the shower

41-year-old Britney Spears (Britney Spears) staged a daring shoot. The singer admitted that this year she was able to truly love herself.

The pop princess was under the care of her father for a long 13 years, and now she can live her own life, without reporting to anyone and without asking permission. The actress loved to record daring videos.

Britney showed up in the shower today wearing nothing but scarlet bikini bottoms. The star left her blond locks loose. She did not give up makeup, but limited herself to focusing on brightly lined eyes.

The Toxic hit singer turned on the water and began to take daring poses in the shower.

The actress covered her bare chest with her hands. She languidly moved to the beat of the music, not embarrassed that her videos would be seen by fans around the world.

“I am 41 years old and I finally express my freedom, I have never been better! This year my passion has been learning how to love yourself. I’d rather be my skin than be in my skin!” Spears commented vaguely.

On her birthday, Britney Spears starred in a bridal outfit. The star celebrated her 41st birthday in early December. She again surprised the fans with a spicy outfit, which she even managed to turn into a wedding outfit.

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