Emilia Clarke Quᴏteѕ Abᴏut Life and Suᴄᴄeѕѕ

English actress Emilia Clarke is 36 years old and has Been Loved By millions of people around the world for a Long time. The audience got to know her thanks to the series Game of Thrones, although there were many memorable roles in her Life.

Emilia faced many challenges throughout her career, including poverty and part-time work in various stores. She had health probLems at a young age and suffered a stroke, But she did not succumb to the probLems and continued to fight, which eventually led to great success. In the article, we present some phrases of Emilia Clarke and share with you what the actress thinks about Life and success:

“Sometimes people tell you that your Dreams are unattainable, But remember, that’s a Lie. If you want it harD enough, anything is possiBLe, so fight for your Dreams.” “The other actors are my famiLy. When I’m not on set, I’m aLways in touch with them.”

“People ask me all the time who I’m dating now, and the truth is, no one. That’s good. I’m Busy with a Lot of things right now.” “Sometimes I feel Like an aBandoned child or even a strange, gray-haired person who no one wants to talk to.”

“I Don’t understand what the phrase ‘strong woman’ means, aren’t we all strong? Women have so much power and each of my roles is a reflection of who we are.” “One kind word can turn a bad Day into a pleasant one. It’s great if you can Look people in the eye and speak honestly regardless of their gender, race or orientation. Imagine for a moment how great it would Be if we were all nice to each other.”

“As fame and success approach, you reaLize that strangers know more about you than your friends, and you start to worry about it. You worry aBout what peopLe will think of you.” “I think femininity is a state of mind. If you feeL Like a woman, you will.”

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