Celebrated the perfect body! Pauline Nսde

Paulina Porizkova is reclaiming her body.

The 57-year-old supermodel shared a nаked photo on Instagram on Friday, with a lengthy caption contrasting «objectification» and «celebration» of the female figure.

«Women have always been viewed as objects of desire or nurture in a patriarchal [sic] society. Because these are the requirements of the men who rule the world.

Celebrated the perfect body! Pauline Nսde

«This is why youth and beauty are such valuable currencies,» Porizkova wrote alongside the photo of herself perched on a bed with a white sheet covering her chеst.

When a woman «decides to objectify herself,» she is «taking the powers she has been given and using them in her own interest while simultaneously helping to perpetuate a system that has always existed.»

Porizkova wrote that by doing so, «she will be shamed and celebrated by both the perpetrators and the victims.»

Before reflecting on her experiences as one of the most successful catwalkers of the 1980s, the model said a man would be «celebrated» for «seizing his power» in the same way.

Celebrated the perfect body! Pauline Nսde

«I’ve come to wonder if objectification is primarily associated with youth,» she mused.

«When I was a young model, I exposed my body because someone else thought it was cool.

Someone else decided to celebrate it. I didn’t know enough to understand the consequences. As a result, objectification.»

«Now, when I expose my body, it [sic] with my full knowledge and consent,» the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl concluded. As a result, there will be a celebration.»

Celebrated the perfect body! Pauline Nսde

Porizkova attributed her artistic appearance to chef Adam Kenworthy, and her «most comfortable high heels ever,» a pair of classic blue velvet pumps, to Tamara Mellon.

Her thought-provoking post drew a lot of positive feedback from her followers in the comments.

«So well said- and what a beautiful, strong body (and mind, of course!),» one person wrote.

«Thank you very much, Paulina. I join you in your joy! «I want my power,» said another.

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