Вritney аdmits she looks like Jessiса: ‘She’s my cօpy’

In a recent close-up paparazzi snapshot she shared of herself, Britney Spears acknowledged that she thought her face appeared to be «very pale.»

Вritney аdmits she looks like Jessiса: 'She's my cօpy'

Britney Spears showcased her Jessica Simpson-like features in a self-portrait on Instagram on Friday. The singer, who was celebrating her 41st birthday, released the close-up photo snapped by a paparazzi, which showed her looking naturally attractive with her hair pushed back and her gaze directed downward. She appeared to be wearing little to no makeup and layered a turquoise shirt over a black and white checkered coat.

Why do I resemble Jessica Simpson EXACTLY? Additionally, my face appears so pale!!!,» she remarked in the photo’s description, which drew a lot of replies from followers.

Вritney аdmits she looks like Jessiса: 'She's my cօpy'

One admirer noted, «You are lovely as always,» while another added, «To be honest, Jessica looked like you… Greetings for Britney’s birthday. Wow, you really do, said a third, while a fourth praised her «checkerboard top.»

Prior to her post on Jessica, Britney made news when she praised her sons Sean, 17, and Jayden, 16, whom she had with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. In other posts, the pleased mother sent pictures of the teenagers and the same heartfelt note. The posts surprised her a little bit because, according to reports, she hasn’t seen them in «months.»

Вritney аdmits she looks like Jessiса: 'She's my cօpy'

To my boys, both of you, I adore you. I’d give my life for you! God bless you, my dear hearts! If I could just touch your face, I would do everything! I send my regards. «Mamasita,» she penned.

Вritney аdmits she looks like Jessiса: 'She's my cօpy'

In addition, Britney made a special mention of Jamie Lynn Spears, her younger sister, with whom she has recently had troubled relations. She posted stunning images of the singer and actress as well as messages of love and support for her most recent endeavors.

«I’m thinking about you because you’re my heart on my birthday,» kudos for performing with such bravery and glory, and for being so bold and inspirational!! You’re not alone. If anyone has experience with that… I understand, My Baby Sister! She stated in the message, «I adore you!!!

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